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Kondrad Keck - MetricsCube Founder CEO
Konrad Keck
MetricsCube Founder CEO

Hey, it’s good to see you here!

In a short while, you will gain a deep insight into your company and reveal all secrets behind the performance of your business. You must be no less excited than I am!

I really hope that you will enjoy the new possibilities that MetricsCube opens up for you. Make the best of it!

Dennis Nind - Brixly CEO
Dennis Nind
Brixly CEO

With MetricsCube we can not only see that there was some kind of a change in our metrics. More importantly, we are able to trace this particular rise or drop to a certain cause. Which is amazing for obvious reasons – once you know what makes your numbers go up and down, you can focus on how to use that knowledge to your advantage.

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Kondrad Keck - MetricsCube Founder CEO
Max Korzhanoff

Our marketing team needed more data on the current customers, retention rates as well as subscription churn and MRR. MetricsCube has helped us to better understand what happens inside our business. Aside from the features provided in reports, it all comes down to the amazing filtering allowing us to spend less time searching the ways to get the data we need.

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